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About Stemcell Knowledge and Information Portal ("SKIP")

SKIP is operated by an operating committee ("SKIP Operating Committee") established by Kyoto University as an embodiment of the section of the stem cell information database ("the Stem Cell Information DB Project") of "Collecting and Transmission of International Information of Stem Cells" which is one of the divided research theme of "The Infrastructure Development Project to Promote the Clinical Research of Regenerative Medicine : The Regenerative Medicine National Consortium Project to Support the Clinical Research of Regenerative Medicine, etc. (tentative translation)" funded by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). The objective of SKIP is to promote the exchange of information and joint research between researchers by aggregating various information such as the kind, ubiety, characteristic, preservation method, etc. of stem cells (iPS cells, iPS cells derived from patients, etc.) and cells that contribute to the research of stem cells(fibroblasts, lymphoblast cells, etc.).

Terms and conditions of use

The contents of SKIP ("this Website") are provided by the Stem Cell Information DB Project through Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University ("CiRA") and are subject to usage in accordance with the following conditions (the "Conditions of Use”). A person who has accessed and used this Website shall be deemed to have agreed with these Conditions of Use. Links to websites of third persons provided in this Website are for the convenience of the users. Such websites are operated by third persons, and CiRA is not concerned with and assumes no responsibility for contents provided by third persons.

The use of contents

Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of all texts, pictures, images, sounds, and movies contained in the original contents on this Website belongs to the Stem Cell Information DB Project. Regarding the relationship of rights, etc. provided by third persons, please separately refer to the provider.
The use of all original contents included in this Website will be permitted predominantly for the purpose of education, publicity, information provision, etc. and within the scope explicitly specified by the laws. In other cases, please contact the personnel of the operator. The Operating Committee shall make decisions in accordance with the purpose of this Website. Provided, however, that when using any pictures, images or sounds within the network that are relevant to a specific individual, you are required to obtain the consent of said individual in order to protect his/her rights.
When using any of the texts, pictures, images, sounds, or movies, etc. published on this Website, you are required to cite the source (note).


  1. Although CiRA conducts safety checks regarding the information provided in this Website through the SKIP Operating Committee, CiRA does not guarantee its reliability and security. CiRA shall not be liable for any damages caused from using information on this Website.
  2. CiRA may change or remove the information on this Website, and the network may suspend or terminate its operation without prior notice due to the SKIP Operating Committee's decision or technical reasons. Please be aware that CiRA shall not be liable for any damages arising out of such modifications to the contents, removal of information from the Website, or suspension, termination, etc. of its operation.

Protection of personal information

Acquisition of personal information, etc.

  1. CiRA shall acquire and manage personal information by appropriate and fair manners through the SKIP Operating Committee.
  2. CiRA shall principally acquire personal information from the individual identified by the personal information. In acquiring the personal information, CiRA shall explicitly mention the purpose of its use as specifically as possible.
    Meanwhile, CiRA may acquire information that can identify an individual, such as his/her name, e-mail address, etc., to use it to reply to the user in cases where there was an inquiry from the user, there were other contacts made to the operator of this Website, or for other purposes related to the management of this Website.
  3. In cases where CiRA posts personal information on this Website or updates such personal information, CiRA shall confirm that the content thereof is appropriate to the maximum possible extent. In cases where there is a request from the individual identified by the personal information, CiRA shall take appropriate measures such as promptly correcting such information, etc.

Scope of the use of personal information

  1. CiRA shall not provide personal information to third persons without prior consent of the individual identified by the personal information unless it is required by the law, or it is absolutely necessary for the commissioning of business to an external contractor.
  2. CiRA shall use the acquired personal information for the operation of SKIP and within the above mentioned purpose, and shall not retain personal information beyond the necessary bound.

Management of personal information

  1. CiRA will comply with the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003) and other related laws in managing personal information. Any other items that are not separately provided in these Conditions of Use shall follow Kyoto University's Rule on Protection of Personal Information for academic research (
  2. CiRA will take necessary measures such as limitation of access and copying, etc., and management of medium and safe disposal, etc. for the prevention of leakage, etc. Provided, however, it is impossible to guarantee complete security with today's technology.
  3. In cases where personal information is to be handled when CiRA commissions business to external contractors, etc. with relation to SKIP, CiRA shall take necessary and appropriate measures such as imposing confidentiality obligation by agreement, etc.

Disclosure of information to the individual identified by the personal information

In cases where the individual identified by the personal information or his/her agent requests CiRA to disclose such personal information, CiRA shall respond without delay, except if any of the following apply;

  1. it is considered that disclosure will damage the life, body, property or any other rights and interests of the individual identified by the personal information or a third party;
  2. it is considered that disclosure will cause significant hindrance to the appropriate implementation of the management of this business;
  3. the disclosure violates any laws.

Links to SKIP

  1. You are allowed to place a link to this Website on your website by sending us an e-mail to the address shown in the contact information hereinafter, showing the domain of your linking website and the operator of such linking website. Please specify on the linking page that the link destination is the website operated by Kyoto University providing information on stem cells as an embodiment of the Stem Cell Information DB Project.
  2. Any websites to which (or are considered to apply) to any of the following apply may not be allowed to link to SKIP. In cases where a link has already been established, please remove the link in accordance with CiRA's request.
    • websites that are (or are likely to be) offensive to public order and morals;
    • websites that damage (or are likely to damage) the property, reputation, or credibility or compromise (or are likely to compromise) the privacy of a particular individual, group, or organization;
    • websites that are not in compliance with the purpose of this Website;
    • websites that are considered to be inappropriate by the Operating Committee due to other reasonable reasons.

Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

These Conditions of Use shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any dispute concerning the use of this Website shall be resolved by the Kyoto District Court as the first instance having exclusive jurisdiction.

Recommended Environment

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Windows: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome latest edition, Firefox latest edition
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