What is SKIP?

SKIP is operated by Center for iPS Cell Research and Application from Kyoto University as an embodiment of the section of the stem cell information database (“the Stem Cell Information DB Project”) of “Collecting and Transmission of International Information of Stem Cells” which is one of the divided research theme of “The Infrastructure Development Project to Promote the Clinical Research of Regenerative Medicine : The Regenerative Medicine National Consortium Project to Support the Clinical Research of Regenerative Medicine, etc. (tentative translation)” funded by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). SKIP is aiming to promote the exchange of information and joint research between researchers by aggregating various information of stem cells (iPS cells, iPS cells derived from patients, etc.) to stimulate research on disease and regenerative medicine.

Project Office

Professor Fujibuchi Laboratory
Dept. of Life Science Frontiers,Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA),Kyoto University

Team Members

Wataru Fujibuchi, Principal Investigator
Ying Chen (D3)
Naila Shinwari (D1)

SKIP Stemcell Search

We are developing SKIP Stemcell Search
( Database of Information for ES/iPS Cell Lines)

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